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Emotions Matter When Building a HIGH-CONVERTING Brand

Emotions play a HUGE part when choosing the best brand colors for your business. ⁣

Colors evoke and represent emotions, and as consumers we make our purchasing decisions based on our emotions and through our subconscious. ⁣

So what does that mean?

We need to make sure that before jumping to the visual part of the brand for our business, we NEED to determine and dive into the psychological and emotional part of our brand. By determining how we want our ideal audience to feel, we are able to make the right choices of what we are going to use as our brand elements, that way we are communicating to our ideal clients the right way to create those connections and convert them into paying customers.

I wanted to give you a visual example of the colors different brands use and what emotions they evoke/represent. ⁣

This is a great way to essentially have that “AHA!” moment and see what correlation colors and brands have and that there is actually a reason as to why brands have chosen those colors, based on their market and emotions they want their ideal audience to feel when interacting with their brand. ⁣

So if you’re building a business, it’s SO important to pay attention and determine the emotions first and then choose your colors based on those emotions so that you develop the right brand strategy. ⁣

Now, tell me below if you’ve ever considered emotions when building your brand? 👇🏼⁣

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