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*1 hour intro call (review branding questionnaire + Pinterest work)

*30 minute wrap up call to review branding guide and implementation tips

*E-mail support


1. Brand Identity + Positioning – We provide client with an extensive questionnaire to identify brand fundamentals, personality, audience, positioning, competitive market and functionality.


2. Pinterest Board Collaboration - Client is asked to collect images that visually reflect their brand’s personality, typically through a board shared on Pinterest. Then we will review and dive in together to pull more, during the intro call.


3. Inspiration Board – Based on client’s branding questionnaire and Pinterest board, we begin to create a color palette and inspiration board to ensure we agree on the brand's image and identity.


4. Main + Alternate + Submark Logo – We provide client with 6 distinct main logo concepts (up to 3 revisions). Once client has chosen the main logo we then create an alternate and submark logo to match. (ALL LOGOS + SUBMARK WILL BE DELIVERED IN JPEG, PNG & ORIGINAL FILE FORMATS)


5. Full Branding Board + Style Guide - Once logo is completed, we create a full branding style guide which includes the main logo, alternate logo, submark, brand inspiration images, color palette, font combinations, brand elements and pattern recommendations (if applicable) 

Emerging Brand -Branding Package

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